Academic Links

Digital Me is a Cognitive Assessment and Training Application, using Enhanced Game Design to Accelerate Learning. (

Serious Sports – a bank of resources for sports trainers and educators  providing information related the transfer of competencies through sports and fitness games.

GREAT – Game-Based Research in Education and Action Training focuses on the construction of learning objects and materials, taking advantage of existing games. (

Engage Learning Web Portal for dissemination and GBL resources. (

Game Design Campus – Research and e-learning portal Game-Based Learning and Game Design. (

eLearning Papers – eLearning Papers articles provide views regarding the current situation and e-learning trends in different communities: schools, universities, companies, civil society and institutions.

Elearningeuropa – The e-learning portal for Europe, a European Commission initiative. (

Online Educa Berlin – International Conference on Technology Supported Learning and Training. (

Game Based Language Learning using Roleplay Scenarios.


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