Published Books and Chapters


  • Pivec, M. & Pivec, P. (2012) Lernen mit Computerspielen. Ein Handbuch für Pädagoginnen/Pädagogen.  Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft, Familie und Jugend. Online version.
  • Pivec, M. & Pivec, P. (2010) Misconceptions about being Digital. Chapter in Zheng, R., Burrow-Sanchez, J., & Drew, C. (Eds.) Adolescent Online Social Communication and Behavior: Relationship Formation on the Internet. Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference/IGI Global Publishing.
  • Pivec, P. & Pivec, M. (2010) Collaborative Online Roleplay for Adult Learners. Chapter in Pavel Zemliansky, Diane Wilcox (Ed.): Design and Implementation of Educational Games: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives.
  • Pivec M., Pivec P. (2009) IMAGINE report on Game-Based Learning projects within the European community and good practice case studies spread across all levels of education. July 2009,
  • Pivec M., Moretti M. (Eds.), (2008) Game-based Learning: Discover the pleasure of Learning. Pabst Vrlg.
  • Pivec M., Panko M. (2008)  Instructional design – sex driven?. Chapter in Chen I., Kidd T. (Eds.): Social Information Technology: Connecting Society and Cultural Issues” (Idea Group Publishing, 2008)
  • Pivec M. (2007) Informationsdidaktik: E-Learning. Chapter in Weber W. (Ed.): Kompendium Informationsdesign (Springer Verlag,
  • Pivec M (Ed.), (2006) Affective and emotional aspects of human-computer interaction; Game-Based and Innovative Learning Approaches. Vol.1: The Future of Learning (IOS Press, 2006), ISBN 1-58603-572-x
  • Pivec M., Koubek A., Dondi C. (Eds.), (2004) “Guidelines on Game-Based Learning”. Pabst Vrlg. 2004, ISBN: 3899671937

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