In the second half of last year I discovered MOOC courses and tried out (you can read about some of my experience in previous blog post).  After overcoming the „tsunami“ feeling of being overflowed with information, I found the way of learning quite compelling. So here am I starting with my participation in the next MOOC.

My personal goals for my ETMOOC participation are:

– to explore, discuss and exchange ideas about possibilities that new advancements in technology are providing for education (formal setting) and learning (lifelong learning, up skilling)

– to improve my usage of social networking tools for professional collaboration

– to conduct gender research on MOOC learning form (a bit more on that later in this post)


My first observations regarding the ETMOOC:

– I liked very early reminders about the start of the MOOC; that helped me to keep my head around the start of the MOOC and also to adjust a bit my schedule.

– I was positively surprised by a lot of precise, useful and helpful information regarding how to organise your participation in this mooc (in terms of which social media to use, which accounts to set, etc) and subsequently hopefuly also how to better connect and learn.

– checked my local timing of synchronous events with World Time Buddy

– I set up my about me page and linked it with my academic web page


Opportunity for the research

As both, my husband Paul and me will participate in the ETMOOC, I thought it is a very good opportunity to conduct separate journals about our MOOC participation and experience, reflecting upon it from different gender perspectives. Based on our journals we will set several hypothesis and get additional data by a survey. This will be a good starting point for conducting a gender research on the topic of learning in mooc. We are both excited about this idea and will report some more on this in later postings.

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